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Welcome to STAYinSTYLEBangkok.com, one of the world’s trending online trade shows that never ceases to bring the best of Thailand to online chasers of fast-pacing fashion, laying out the most comprehensive assortment of lifestyle goods that never veer away from the world trends. Premiered in 2016, the awe-inspiring masterpieces at STYLE Bangkok are the testament of Thailand being one of the world’s leading manufacturers, cradle of innovative designs, with craftsmanship and world-class quality.

And to make the fair even easier to participate amidst travel restrictions imposed by certain countries, the website STAYinSTYLEBangkok.com has been launched to celebrate the nation’s success of being the online hub of design and craftsmanship, and to create a more convenient wormhole through strict borders. It serves as the gateway to the fair where buyers and interested business partners can browse, take the tour, make direct contact with Thai counterparts, and make any arrangement without any interference from DITP.

The exciting products showcased at STAYinSTYLEBangkok.com are carefully hand-picked, classified, and interestingly arranged in the form of special showcases portraying different areas of the house — bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and outdoor space — all from reputable world-class designers to promote the new-normal kind of living space design for modern inhabitants of the world in the post-covid lifestyle.

Thanks to swift adjustments from Thai exporters in implementing sales online and their participation in online business matching sessions, with the help of Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion, in making Thailand as a central hub for supporting and connecting Thai producers to foreign importers.

In the modern world of new normal, business card exchange, aisles, shelves, crowded canteen, and long drives to factories will become things of the past. STAYinSTYLEBangkok.com virtual fair is equipped with a built-in automated system of business matching, appointment making, trade negotiation, and order completion.

Unlike traditional walk-in fairs, StayInStyleBangkok.com is available 24/7, with a complete range of goods on showcase aimed at easy navigation. Visit now to celebrate the parallel universe of lifestyle product trade shows where everyone can be inspired.

What is


STYLE Bangkok is the annual international trade show organised in the Thai capital of Bangkok by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. The fair offers the central sourcing market of the most comprehensive assortment of lifestyle products.

Originally held in three separate events — BIFF&BIL (Bangkok International Fashion Fair & Bangkok International Leather Fair), BIG+BIH (Bangkok International Gifts & Bangkok International Houseware Fair), and TIFF (Thailand International Furniture Fair) — the triplets have incorporated into a singular STYLE Bangkok Fair, branded the region’s most fashionable and most stylish trade show for gifts, household items, home décor, leather, furniture, fashion items, as well as the growing niche-market goods such as products for spa, babies, pets, and senior citizens.

The fair also includes a universal one-stop-service helpdesk for both exhibitors and buyers to design and plan the export/import tasks in important aspects such as large batch order, logistics, and duty protocols — making STYLE Bangkok Fair the most comprehensive event for lifestyle product sourcing.


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The fair brought together anything from home décor, furniture fashion, gifts, to products for hotel industry and restaurants – giving a large space to show off their products and services to larger audience. Visitors can expect to easily find items designed for people from all walks of life, all requirements, and all necessities – elderlies, children, parents, and even pets.

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